Could someone with an appropriate level of managerial authority within
the WMF, such as an HR manager, confirm that staff accounts, which are
supposed to be identified with "(WMF)", are intended to be used for an
employee's job or contract role, rather than for personal editing and
publishing personal views?

I ask this question after a long term employee has recently caused
confusion in a consensus building discussion, but refuses to stick to
one account when voting and expressing their personal views, making
this not a legitimate use of a staff account as this is outside of
their employed role. As the personal and employee accounts would
appear to most participants to represent the views of two separate
people, this can be judged as a breach of the local policy on
sockpuppet accounts, as well as a misuse of a staff account.

I'm raising this here as the local policy appears insufficient to
convince the WMF employee that they are not using multiple accounts in
a legitimate way, consequently a clearer statement from the WMF may
help to refine the wording of the sockpuppet policy on the Mediawiki
project, and help decide whether it can apply to WMF employees in the
same way it already applies to unpaid volunteer contributors.



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