Hello everyone

Wiki Loves Women is officially launching its presentation video today.

Please check it out here and tell us what you think : https://vimeo.com/207432965

It is also on Commons : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wiki_loves_Women_-_English_WebM_-_Final.webm

This video was a partnership between WikiAfrica, Goethe Institute and Blink Tower.

It brought quite a few challenges... such as myself being completely happy with the exact terms of the script, succeeding to get every element of the video under a free licence including the background music, getting a nice african women voice for the narrative, getting curly hair rather than flat ones, identifying nice examples of western as well as african concerns... etc. We tried to be as inclusive as possible.

Well, we hope you like it.
If you do... please litterally "like" the video and "like" our facebook page

A French version is currently being recorded and should follow shortly.

Last, we would love to see the video subtitled in many langages. If you want to give a hand for the translation, please get in touch with us (by email, or twitter, or facebook, or on our meta talk page : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Loves_Women)
I'll set up a page for translation on meta shortly.


Isla and Florence

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