Congratulations to Masssly Matanya and others.


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The Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee has been joined by two new
members, Masssly and Matanya. They were appointed by the Board Governance
Committee at the recommendation of the current Elections Committee members
following an open call for additional members earlier this year [1].

They have each been appointed for two-year terms, in accordance with the
new setup for the standing Elections Committee. The now 8-member volunteer
committee is tasked by the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees to
facilitate the elections for the Board of Trustees and Funds Dissemination
Committee [2].

Additionally, the committee has selected KTC to serve as its chair for the
upcoming year. As we prepare for an upcoming election, we have also changed
the Board Liaison from Dariusz to myself, and asked Tim Moritz Hector from
the Board Governance Committee to serve as an additional advisor to the

The upcoming process for both the Board and Funds Dissemination Committee
elections will begin soon and run through June. There will be more
information coming from the committee on the timeline and nomination
process in the coming days.

Please join me in welcoming, congratulating, and thanking Massly, Matanya,
KTC and Tim!

Best regards,
antanana / Nataliia Tymkiv


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