Hi Robert,

> >
> > Simply highlighting the ~1 page of arguably controversial stuff in a 67
> > page document is also unlikely to be optimal, because it creates a biased
> > and misleading impression of the whole document, and gives the impression
> > (accurately or not) that one's main interest is stirring up controversy.
> That's very dismissive of legitimate concerns.  If something is of genuine
> worry, how many pages should it take up before we are allowed to raise our
> concerns about it?

Where there's a genuine worry, I think it's much more likely to get a
constructive response if the worry is expressed with understanding of the

"Here are my five concerns about this document" is quite a different thing
to read from "Most of this document seems pretty sensible. However, are
five concerns I have about it, though I think I have only spotted one of
them actually happening at all"


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