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>> So this is the translated part stopping in may 2017 (recent developments not 
>> included)
> I had a bit of spare time this morning so I've translated part of May (below).
> 4 May 2017
> Explanation of the number of resignations from the Board
> Emeric Vallespi writes an email, in the name of the Board, explaining
> the resignations and denying any governance problems. He refers
> explicitly to the origin of the resignations as "an exceptional threat
> to the organisation due to non-respect of the obligations in civil and
> criminal law upon the leaders of the association" not as "political
> dissension within the Board".
> 5 May 2017
> Explanation from Caroline Becker of her resignation
> In response to Emeric's email, @K_rho (Caroline), former member of the
> Board, posts her account of her resignation on Twitter, pointing out
> that a disagreement on the governance of the association was at the
> source. She adds to her tweet a copy of the resignation mail she sent
> to the board of directors on February 21.
> 8 May 2017
> Emeric is a candidate in the legislative elections
> Emeric is officially announced as a "candidat suppléant" to the French
> National Assembly for the En Marche party. Information is not provided
> on the general discussion list by management. Mathis, an ordinary
> member, will inform the members of this situation on May 25th.
> (Translation note: "candidat suppléant" is a kind of 'substitute
> candidate' that is not commonplace outside of France. My understanding
> is that each party nominates a candidate and a substitute candidate
> for each district. If the party wins the seat then the candidate
> enters the legislature. If the successful candidate can no longer
> serve, e.g. because of death or appointment as a government minister,
> the "suppleant" takes over as the legislator for that district.)
> 11 May 2017
> Wave of unsubscriptions from the list
> In the afternoon, a large number of members and contractors of the
> association are unsubscribed from the discussion list by its
> administrator. At the same time, administrator access to the CiviCRM
> system is removed from the few "ordinary" members who had access to
> it.
> 11 May 2017
> Émeric sends an email on the mailing list accusing 3 of the resigning
> board members of putting the association in danger. The resignations,
> according to him, are part of a more general conspiracy. In this mail
> we learn that an investigation for harassment was opened by the
> Wikimedia Foundation on February 16, 2017, which was subsequently
> abandoned.
> 12 May 2017
> Views from Wikimedia Argentina
> Anna Torres, executive director of Wikimedia Argentina, complains of
> the negative implications of the words used by Wikimedia France to
> describe the Argentine MOOC within the FDC discussion
> "We are very surprised and unhappy by your negative reference to our
> work in the discussion of your staff assessment."
> The phrases used do not emanate from the WikiMOOC team, but are
> potentially harmful to them, while the Argentine MOOC team has shown
> its support for the project.
> 14 May 2017
> The Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) considers the grant
> application from Wikimedia France very negatively
> Amount requested: 686 000 €
> Amount recommended by the FDC: 343 000 €
> Amount allocated the previous year: 570 000 €
> The FDC considers Wikimedia France's grant application very
> negatively. It recommends allocating 50% of the funds requested
> because the results are not commensurate with the funds received, as
> explained in the two previous recommendations of the FDC. It also
> believes that the potential for significant, clear and measurable
> results from this year's bid is not sufficient to qualify for the
> requested funding. In addition, the FDC is concerned about the recent
> developments in the organization of the association and its governance
> (many resignations of employees and members of the Board, a two-headed
> system at the management level, etc.). The FDC recommends that
> Wikimedia France undertake a review of its governance.
> In commenting on the FDC's recommendation, Nathalie (the association's
> director) says:
> "This is not a problem of communication, or mediation ... it is an
> organizational dysfunction (of the FDC - Editor's note) but that is
> not attributable to Wikimedia France."
> She goes on to say:
> "When some people realized that the investigation (for harassment -
> editor's note) was not credible as initially announced, because it did
> not answer to any fair and transparent process. It was abandoned and
> replaced by an  an outrageously negative assessment that goes so far
> as to worry about the sustainability of Wikimedia France! This
> assessment has influenced the FDC's proposal to cut [the grant], since
> the figure put forward by the volunteers is based on the study done by
> employees of the Foundation."
> Note: The FDC is a committee made up of volunteers who are part of the
> Wikimedia movement.
> Édouard, on behalf of Wikimedia France indicates on the discussion
> page for the recommendation,
> "it seems to us the Fund Dissemination Committee is overstepping its
> bounds when it makes the funding of an affiliate contingent on its
> evaluation of their organisational structure. Indeed, operational
> organisation of the staff is the employer’s exclusive prerogative."
> 15 May 2017
> Meeting of local groups
> Local group volunteer coordinators are invited to a "live chat time"
> on the association's Mumble "so that [we] are not put in difficulty by
> the questions of the members of our respective groups." Pyb, Mathis
> and Vigneron (late) are there; from the board of directors and
> management are Samuel, Floflo, Marie-Alice, Nathalie and Cyrille. This
> discussion session eventually turns into Pyb's request, supported by
> Mathis, for the resignation of the Board and the organization of a
> special General Assembly, as a prerequisite for any discussion.
> After failing to explain the reasons for the 40% resignation of the
> Board of Directors and in light of the recommendations issued by the
> FDC, several people suggested that a new General Assembly would be
> necessary to elect a new Board of Directors. The current Board of
> Directors refuses.
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