Hi everyone,

WMF's Community Tech team team is happy to announce that Wikitext Editor
Syntax Highlighting has been released as a beta feature today on all LTR
Wikimedia projects!

Syntax Highlighting was the #6 request in this year's Community Wishlist
Survey [1]  -- a way to help editors parse the wikitext in the edit window
by using color, bolding, italics and size to make it easier to see which
parts are article text, and which are links, templates, tags and headings.

It's easy to separate the link target from the actual link text, section
headings are bigger, and adding bold and italics actually changes the way
it looks in the edit window. Plus -- thanks to the amazing performance
optimization done by volunteer developer Pastakhov -- it loads a lot faster
than previous versions of syntax highlighting.

Unfortunately, the feature isn't available in RTL languages yet; we're
working on some bugs, and we'll release it as soon as we can. We're also
hoping to improve the Syntax Highlighting performance for people who also
use the "New wikitext mode" Beta feature.

You can find Syntax Highlighting under the Beta features tab in
Preferences. I hope you all love it and find it useful! If you've got
feedback, you can click on the Discussion link in Beta features, or leave
comments and questions on the Community Tech project talk page. [2] Thanks!

Danny Horn
Senior Product Manager
WMF Community Tech

[1] Community Wishlist Survey:

[2] Project talk page:
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