On 9/27/2017 1:39 PM, Ariel Glenn WMF wrote:
Would a name like "emerging knowledge communities" be clearer?  Yes, you'd
think that in the context of Wikipedia and related projects, the word
'knowledge' would be a given, but perhaps it isn't?
Yes, let's keep brainstorming about this. No, I'm afraid this combination is problematic, but thank you for the idea.

Specifically, the issue is that in this formulation, "knowledge" works to modify "communities", but now "emerging" appears to modify "knowledge" instead, and that doesn't work. The potential implication that knowledge is only just emerging in these communities could appear condescending, much like the terminology we're trying to get away from. I'd argue that we operate on the assumption that as our communities grow, they already have a great deal of knowledge, it's a matter of sharing and making it accessible to all.

--Michael Snow

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