I would like to thank the Community Resources team for dropping the highly 
discriminatory division into North and South and for proposing a more nuanced 

I would also urge the remaining teams within the WMF that still use the terms 
to consider less offensive alternatives suitable for their particular purposes. 


În 27 septembrie 2017 20:28:52 EEST, Asaf Bartov <abar...@wikimedia.org> a 
>Dear Wikimedians,
>Years ago, as part of the first Strategy process of 2009-2010, a
>distinction entered our lives, between Global North and Global South
>countries.  That distinction was borrowed from a United Nations agency
>named ITU, and it was used as shorthand to refer to communities the
>Foundation considered to need additional resources and help to achieve
>impact on our mission of creating and sharing free knowledge.
>However, the distinction was never a very good fit for us.  It was
>based on
>UN notions like the Human Development Index, and gave much weight to
>nation-wide economic conditions.  Its binary nature did not allow for
>distinguishing between countries where Wikimedia work is possible and
>happening, albeit with difficulty, and ones where no Wikimedia work, or
>next to none, is happening, or possible.  It also looked only at
>whereas much of our work is defined by language communities and not by
>geographies.  And it was political and alienating to many people.
>In short, it was both not as useful as we needed it to be as well as
>unloved and rejected by many.
>The Community Resources team at the Wikimedia Foundation has been
>about replacing that distinction with a more nuanced one, that would be
>much better fit with our needs, would take into account the actual
>state of
>editing communities, would consider multiple axes beyond geography, and
>would be less controversial.
>We began using the term "emerging communities" two years ago, first as
>replacement for the term Global South, but it has always been our
>to define Emerging Communities ourselves.  Finishing the proposed
>definition took a back seat for a while due to other priorities, but we
>ready to share the proposed definition today:
>We welcome your thoughts, on the talk page (ideally) or on this thread.
>The definition is already our working definition, but we are open to
>incorporating changes to both wording and substance through October
>Be sure to take a look at the FAQ supplied at the bottom of the page,
>    Asaf
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