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>We have a movement employee who brilliantly held management
>responsibilities for 4 years (great longevity for an Executive
>Director…) who asked for help. And what is the answer of the movement,
>of the Wikimedia Foundation? Nothing. Nothing was undertaken to give her
>any kind of listening or help.

To my knowledge, the lack of reaction of you and the board of the
wikimedia france is exactly what happened when the employees of
wikimedia france which were under direct and legal responsibility was
seeking for help. At the opposite the Wikimedia Foundation conducted an
investigation.I don't feel that you are in position to criticize the way
the wikimedia foundation handle the claims of Nathalie which is not
under their direct responsibility when you made worth for person you
ought legally to protect.

>Marie-Alice Mathis, who courageously expressed disapproval of the
>sexist harassment of Nathalie, was also harassed by community members.
>Nathalie and Marie-Alice suffered health damages and had medical leaves
>issued by real general practitioners. The Wikimedia Foundation was
>informed and what did you do? Nothing, or worst: two messages from your
>staff legitimizing the harassment and one from a member of your board
>who publicly stated against Wikimédia France without any prior contact
>with us.
>What kind of help or support did you offer to Marie-Alice?

From my point of view a sexual harassment is several magnitude worse
than a sexist one, even if I don't dismiss the gravity of a sexist
harassment, but I feel like this paragraph is misplaced alongside with
accusation of sexual harassment.

When you say:

>I’ve read an ardent defender of epicene style of writing who is
>accusing of lying other women because of their private then public
>declarations. Having no clue of what is in the procedure. Thank you for
>enlightening me about true fight with feminism.

I believe you refer to this quote of Natacha.

>Personnally, and as an engaged feminist in real life, I dont believe
>one word of these allegations.
>My support goes to Christophe, and like you wrote, these allegations I
>think are not backed up by evidence as far as I have been informed).

To me by saying that Natacha is accusing of Nathalie and Marie-Alice of
lying is putting in her mouth far more than what she said. Natacha  said
that she don't believe one word of the allegations. It is just about her
beliefs not an affirmation that Nathalie or Marie-Alice are lying. So
you are doing a misrepresentation of the reality.

I'm really worried about the accusation of sexual harassment either they
are true (it would be dramatic for Nathalie) either they are false (it
would be damageable for Christophe and in a great extent to all victims
of sexual harassment which their word will be less believed).

By reading the archive of the internal discussion mailing list of
wikimedia france, all public information, and non public information,
the credibility of your discourse is pretty non existent for me. To take
only the public part: there was pretty much none communication from your
part (at this time president of the wikimedia france) and the direction
of the wikimedia france, integral censorship the internal discussion
mailing list of wikimedia france, and when there was communication from
you and direction of wikimedia france, to my understanding it is
systematic gross misrepresentation of the facts when it is not simply
lying. This game with the truth has is paramount evident when there is
contradiction between several version of the same story by you and the
direction of wikimedia france such as the version of the recruting (or
promotion) of Cyrille Bertin (In the reply to time line and before the
general assembly it was said to help Nathalie in her work and during the
general assembly it was said because it was envisioned that Nathalie
leave wikimedia france). At the opposite, despite your repeated
accusation of defamation towards your opponents (which consist of all
the person who take talk except the direction+Rémi Mathis) I never
noticed a single hint of misrepresentation of reality. At the opposite
by several times, objectives fact came to confirm the discourse of the

Moreover there were a long track record of legal threat towards several
members of the community which to my knowledge was not found on any
evidence and reach any concrete action such as going in front of tribunal. 

In addition, chronologically speaking, the accusation of sexual
harassment against Christophe was raised to my knowledge when you and
the direction was in great difficulty because of the decision of the FDC
and in the same time there was accusation to Christophe to take part of
the decision of FDC.

All that makes me, like Natacha not believe the Nathalie's accusation of
sexual harassment. To make it clear I don't know if there was harassment
or not, I'm just not convinced enough to believe that the sexual
harassment was real.

Xavier Combelle

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