The Foundation has been accepting BitCoin donations. Unfortunately,
BitCoin is very wasteful in terms of electricity, and is therefore a
dirty cryptocurrency.

I recommend that the Foundation immediately cease accepting BitCoin,
and require donors who wish to donate in cryptocurrency to convert to
FoldingCoin instead. Please see: FoldingCoin (FLDC) whitepaper:

This conversion will place the Foundation at the forefront of
cryptocurrency technology, and stop it from contributing to extremely
dirty waste. As other cryptocurrencies based on proofs of useful work
instead of useless work emerge, the Foundation should consider those.
FoldingCoin is based on proofs of useful prediction of protein
folding, which is useful for computer-aided antibody design, and used
in turn for cancer therapies and many other applied and research
medical fields.

I also invite anyone in the community interested in co-authoring my
forthcoming derivative whitepaper on proofs of useful intelligibility
remediation work to contact me off-list, please. I am also willing to
help with proofs of useful encyclopedia article improvement, but I am
not certain if ORES is yet robust enough to support such proof in a
secure fashion.

Best regards,
Jim Salsman

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