Aside from the actual content (it's nice to see the legal case in
Greece ending), seeing the subject in Greek was one more reason I
became happy. But I think a small correction is in place. A more
appropriate way of saying "What's making you happy this week?" would
be "Τι σας κάνει ευτυχείς αυτήν την εβδομάδα;", where "ευτυχείς" (an
adjective) would be the plural form of happy, which is used both when
addressing groups of people and when being polite. Alternatively
"ευτυχισμένους", could be used, with exact same meaning, just using
the participle form (and in the appropriate conjugation) instead of
the adjective. "Xαρούμενους" (again a participle, just of a different
verb) would also be valid with the same meaning for most people,
although if one wants to be pedantic, "χαρά" is closer to "joy" than


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