Thank you for that information, Alexandros. :) I rely extensively on
machine translation, and online resources like Wiktionary, when I do
translations for these weekly threads in most languages. There will
probably be more linguistic errors in the future. Comments regarding
translations would be appreciated.

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On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 2:57 AM, Alexandros Kosiaris <> wrote:

> Aside from the actual content (it's nice to see the legal case in
> Greece ending), seeing the subject in Greek was one more reason I
> became happy. But I think a small correction is in place. A more
> appropriate way of saying "What's making you happy this week?" would
> be "Τι σας κάνει ευτυχείς αυτήν την εβδομάδα;", where "ευτυχείς" (an
> adjective) would be the plural form of happy, which is used both when
> addressing groups of people and when being polite. Alternatively
> "ευτυχισμένους", could be used, with exact same meaning, just using
> the participle form (and in the appropriate conjugation) instead of
> the adjective. "Xαρούμενους" (again a participle, just of a different
> verb) would also be valid with the same meaning for most people,
> although if one wants to be pedantic, "χαρά" is closer to "joy" than
> "happiness".
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