I am looking for a public feedback/discussion on Validbook idea. Although
Validbook is not wiki project, I am looking for feedback here as in spirit
and in governance model Validbook is similar to Wikimedia projects.
My original email about Validbook [1] to this mailing list contained a bit
too much of everything. I hope this email contains the right amount of
details and will trigger an interesting discussion.

In a nutshell Validbook idea is simple:

   - create service that allows to create Self-Sovereign Identities
   - create service that allows these SSIs to prove that they uniquely
   represent human individuals in a digital world
   - create Kudos (tokens with daily supply 1 token per 1 living human
   (7.5B KDS/day in 2018)
   - distribute all daily Kudos only between SSIs that proved to uniquely
   represent human individual - thus creating huge continuous incentive for
   people to participate in Kudos distribution and support Validbook Services
   right from the start (*solving common killer of "big ideas" – the
   chicken-egg problem*)
   - use Kudos for development and support of *human-centric* Validbook
   Services (low-engaging non-addictive social networking service; end-to-end
   encrypted email service; digital signatures service, wallet for
   self-sovereign money, etc); as a result create leading implementation,
    "killer application" for Self-Sovereign Identity idea, DIDs and
    Verifiable Credentials specifications, that will provide pressure and
   motivation for governments and organizations to coalesce around it, leading
   to widespread adoption of SSI, end-to-end encryption, self-sovereign money,
   and ultimately to more freedom and more protection of human rights.

This all might sound as something too grandiose and futuristic, but I
cannot find a reason why it cannot be done. Maybe someone can point me to

See more details and how to login into Validbook alpha version at

Bohdan Andriyiv

[1] - https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/2018-May/090302.html
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