Thank you very much for sharing this. It is a personal growth area for me
and this thread gives really valuable first-hand experience.

On Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 11:42 AM, Romaine Wiki <>

> Hi everyone,
> In our movement we have a lot of different people, including people with a
> different neurodiversity.
> Then it can happen that with events organised by the Wikimedia movement,
> there are people that get sensory overloads. it basically means that the
> input through the senses gets too much at some point. This can result in an
> emotional outburst, an instant heavy headache/migraine attack, or in my
> case I go (almost) completely blank.
> It is really hard to complain how it is like to people who have no
> experiences with it.
> I think however that we need as inclusive movement to be more aware of the
> huge amount of varieties of people and there needs. For that reason I like
> to share a thread on Twitter with you how a user I know well has
> experienced it herself.
> Read at:
> Thank you!
> Romaine
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