The Wikimedia Foundation 2018-19 Annual Plan includes the goal Managing 
Personal Data [1], which aims, among other things, to give users control over 
their personal data.  A sub-portion of that overall goal, “Data Portability,” 
lays out two specific, user-facing objectives: to enable users to download 
their wiki contributions and, if possible, to let users download the data we 
have about them or their accounts. 
Starting in November of 2018, those became the goals of the "Data Portability" 
project, which has been assigned to the Community Tech team. I just published a 
page on Meta for this project [2]. Anyone interested can follow its progress 
there; please have a look and share your ideas and questions with the team on 
the talk page. 
Joe Matazzoni 
Product Manager, Community Tech 
Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco
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