Hello Wikimedia-l,

One subject that continues to be a source of concern for me is that I'd
like to have a greater quantity and greater diversity of participants on
Wikimedia-l. I have heard that some people feel that their English skills
are not good enough to participate here, and I don't know what more we can
do to help with them to feel welcome to participate regardless of their
choice of language or their level of English skills.

Also, I sometimes wonder whether some of our more pointed or stressful
discussions on this list make good-faith newbies and quieter people feel
too intimidated to post when I think that no one intends to make them feel

I hope that this will not sound selfish, but I would like to encourage
people to comment on what could be done to facilitate greater and more
diverse participation in discussions here, and that includes feedback on
how those of us (including me) who frequently post here could do better at
helping people to feel that they have an opportunity to be heard. Although
I would encourage public discussion of these subjects, I also welcome
comments off-list. I realize that it is difficult to balance being candid
with being hospitable, and I am hoping that we can be both.


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