Hi all,

From Monday 10 December to Friday 21 December we (community/Wikimedia
Belgium) organise the writing weeks about the German-speaking Community of

The German-speaking Community is one of the three communities in Belgium,
located near the border with Germany and comprises nine municipalities:
Amel, Büllingen, Burg-Reuland, Bütgenbach, Eupen, Kelmis, Lontzen, Raeren
and Sankt Vith. The area stretches from the 3-country point near Vaals
(Netherlands) in the north to the 3-country point near Ouren and Luxembourg
in the south.

This area is unfortunately only very limited described on Wikipedia. That
is why we invite you to write on Wikipedia about this area and help to fill
this gap bit by bit.

Please add the articles you write or translate to the project page. In this
way we know what has been done and it can stimulate other writers to write
and translate.

Project page:

If you would like to stay informed about future writing weeks, please add
yourself to the mass message list and receive a message when a new writing
week starts:

For those who are in the area, on Saturday 15 December we also organise and
edit-a-thon in Eupen, the capital of this area.

Greetings from Belgium!
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