It appears that Affiliate agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation are
not published on-wiki in a consistent way.[1]

Though the standard templates are available, these have varied over
time, so at a minimum to understand which Chapter/Thorg/User Group has
currently agreed which legally binding statement, there should be an
indication or link to the specific version. The templates have to be
customized, and this may include some legally meaningful changes, not
just bureaucratic ones.

As an example, the table of 108 User Groups, simply gives the names of
the groups. It would be extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to
work out exactly when each signed up to the UG agreement, or confirm
which User Groups legally signed up to the post May 2015 version that
makes compliance with the Code of Conduct mandatory. As a second
example, tracking down the UK Chapter agreement,[2] a customized one
was agreed by the WMF and WMUK, but when I followed the 'official'
links, the version I was directed to was a 2009 draft version on the
UK Chapter wiki (no copy on Meta), which appears unlikely to be the
current chapters agreement due to a fairly obvious drafting error.

Could the Affiliates Committee look into this as a matter of its
necessary and tracked administration of a correct public record,
rather than relying on it happening ad hoc?



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