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>You probably all know that the Commons contest Wiki Loves Love (WLL)
>started since last friday. 
>What you might not know yet is that we are now having a multilingual
>wikipedian contest running at the same time from February 10 to March
>The idea is to generate wikipedian content on the same very theme :
>festivals, ceremonies, testimonies, gestures and other symbols of love,
>and if possible use the photos generated by Wiki Loves Love to
>illustrate content on Wikipedia, with a special focus on reducing the
>gender gap, as this idea stems from les sans pagEs who has been asked
>by Psychoslave to collaborate with WLL. We thought adding encyclopedic
>content would create a win win for everybody and bring visibility to
>what we are all doing. 
>We have set up a multilingual and multi project page on meta with
>To participate you have two options: subscribe individually, or via
>another project. Several projects have already joined and we hope we
>can have others too!
>Main page on Meta :
>Registration page (individuals AND projects most welcome) :
>We would gladly accept help to pimp up the page and add ideas on the
>working list as well….
>Kind regards, 
>Nattes à chat
>With Wiki Love !
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