It is sad to see that two well established Wikipedians, Barbara (WVS)
and SMcCandlish have misused Wikipedia Signpost to publish a "humour"
article which derides the use of nonbinary pronouns. It will be clear
for any reader that not only is this a joke in bad taste, but the
article is a misuse of the Wikipedia project and brand, to deride and
marginalise transgender, genderqueer and nonbinary people. A deletion
discussion has been created, everyone is welcome to express their
opinions, should they wish to read the Signpost op-ed.[1][4][5]

As part of the Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program, Barbara Page has
been granted special status at the University of Pittsburgh, and in
this capacity is seen to represent Wikimedia and Wikipedia, even if
not in a paid capacity. Given their coauthorship of the defamatory
essay, I do not see how it would be ethical for Page to retain any
recognition or relationship, and ask that a representative of Wiki
Education provide an official response.[2][6]

Stanton McCandlish is named as a WMF Tech Ambassador, and I have
requested on Meta that this formal recognition is immediately removed
by the WMF, as their views are directly antithetical to the WMF
supported Technical Spaces Code of Conduct.[3]


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