Dear all,

I just wanted to share that the Role & Responsibilities Strategy Working
Group has just published a summary of perspectives on existing movement
governance and structures:

This document is based on c.25 in-depth interviews we in the working group
have performed with people with varied roles in and perspectives on the
movement as it stands. The aim has been for us as a group to understand
what different people in different parts of the movement think and feel
about movement structures as they stand. Just to be clear, we have not
weighted / prioritised the issues raised at present, just described them. :)

Your comments and views are very welcome on the Talk page - especially if
you have a view or perspective that you do not see represented in the
document. We will certainly read all those comments and incorporate them in
our thinking. However there will also be much more news and consultation
coming from the movement strategy core team in coming weeks, in the lead-up
to the Wikimedia summit.

Thank you to everyone who helped us by agreeing to share their views in
this process to date, and happy reading!


Chris Keating
on behalf of the Roles & Responsibilities Working Group
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