Hello. :)

I want to introduce you all to three new events-focused people at the
Foundation and also to inform you about the formation of a new team. Events
are an important infrastructure in Wikimedia movement, enabling movement
building, knowledge sharing, partnership and outreach opportunities, and
much more. They enable us to connect, to learn from one another, to
collaborate on shared goals, and to unify around common agendas. To enable
more efficient support and collaboration, we have created this new Events
Team, which will be focused on convenorship -- a critical part of our
outreach and growth dynamic.

Joël Letang is the Events Team Manager, a newly created position designed
to oversee an events strategy to deepen the impact and partnerships of
movement events. He will be your contact point for strategy and
partnerships in events.

Isabel Cueva is a Program Manager for Community Events and will be working
predominantly on Wikimania.

Also part of the new Events Team is Rachel Farrand, who has been with the
Foundation since 2011 and has for four years been the primary Events
Program Manager for technical events supported by the Foundation.

Distinct from the Events Team but an important contributor to that work is Chen
Almog, the Program Officer for Conferences & Events on the Community
Resources team. She is your contact point for grants on movement events.
You can read more about that program here:

I look forward to working with all four in our ever-improving events



Maggie Dennis
Vice President, Support & Services
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
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