Greta hi again,

We agree that the discussion is not productive, but we did not initiate it. On the other hand, we invite everyone involved in this issue to remember the reasons we got involved in what we do in the first place. In our case we want to promote open knowledge in the way we think it is productive and in the best capacity that we have.

Again, in the case of our two user groups it is clear that the situation for SQ Wikipedia has clearly improved (more interaction with institutions, more events and activities) and this is what we all should keep out of this.

Last but not least, it seems that you have a strong belief that we do not want to collaborate with your UG. We would like to clearly state that we are open to collaborations not only with WoALUG, but with any other entity that shares the same goal and values with our user group. We also have planned to officially contact your UG in the next weeks and have a productive meeting on how to avoid any issues in the future and why not, collaborate in fields that are considered of common interest. We hope you answer positively and we find common ground.

Best regards,
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