Wikimedia Ukraine had its General Assembly on February 16, 2019 and we have
elected new Board and Audit Committee [1]. We have been working on changes
in our organisation for quite a while now with the help of Wikimedia
Foundation grantmaking staff:

1) for a while we have had our General Assembly (GA) at the end of the
calendar and financial year, which was an issue for us, as we (according to
the Bylaws) can have a 100% new Board elected by the membership, and that
means, that we need to finish all our financial transactions before the GA
in case a new Board Chair and Secretary are elected (they are the ones who
have the access to the bank account), so last year we have decided to have
a GA at the end of a year (December) and the next one in February, to
switch to a cycle starting February-February, rather than
December-December. This is now done.
2) we have finally started working on a Board handbook [2], documenting our
processes as we go, trying to get it all in a system. This document is a
direct outcome from the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting in Prague [3] [4],
and we are very grateful that Tim Moritz and Frans Grijzenhout continue
dedicating their time to sharing knowledge in the Movement.
3) we had our first Strategy session on February 15 (before the GA) and are
planning to have a two-day strategy session in June.
4) we are planning to have our first ever training on teambuilding and
onboarding for Board members, Audit Committee members and staff on March
24-25, 2019. Onboarding and capacity building are our priorities as of now.
This complements community-wide trainings we've had this past year during
our national Wikiconference and the CEE Meeting, which we hosted this year
in Lviv [5].

That said, the new Board consists of:
* [[User:Ilya]], Illia Korniiko. I have been Chair since December 2015.
* [[User:JTs]], Yulianna Tsaruk. She is First Deputy Chair and Secretary of
the Board. Re-elected.
* [[User:NickK]], Mykola Kozlenko. He is Deputy Chair and Treasurer since
2016. Re-elected.
* [[User:Наталія Ластовець]], Nataliia Lastovets. She is responsible for
our program "Content Enrichment" [6], which includes editing challenges and
contests, photography contests and GLAM. She has joined our organisation in
July 2018. She was also a member of the Audit Committee for two months. It
is her first term serving on the Board.
* [[User:IgorTurzh]], Igor Turzhanskyy. He is responsible for our program
"Increasing Participation", which includes Wikipedia in Education. He is a
long-term Wikipedian but he has joined our organisation only in November
2018. It is his first term serving on the Board.
* [[User:Friend]], Pavlo Sokhan. He is responsible for our program
"Community Support and Development", which includes community events,
trainings for volunteers, scholarships and microgrants. Re-elected.
* [[User:Олександр Гаврик]], Oleksandr Havryk. He is responsible for our
program "Awareness for Wikimedia and Free Knowledge", which is concentrated
on media publicity and promotion activities and free panorama advocacy. He
has joined our organisation only in October 2018. It is his first term
serving on the Board.

I want to thank the three Board members who stepped down: Yuri Bulka /
[[User:Юрій Булка]], Olha Nesterenko / [[User:Нестеренко Оля]] and Andrii
Hrytsenko / [[User:Андрій Гриценко]]. Being a board member means taking
upon oneself more boring responsibilities, so their work and dedication is much

Our new Audit Committee:
* [[User:Venzz]], Viacheslav Mamon
* [[User:Tohaomg]], Anton Obozhyn
* [[User:Anntinomy]], Anna Khrobolova. She was our project manager for a
few years, but she has decided to stay with us in her volunteer role.

Anatolii Honcharov / [[User:Ahonc]] and Serhii Petrov / [[User:Kharkivian]]
have stepped down from the Audit committee and we are grateful for their
work while there.

[1] Керівні органи: https://ua.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=313 (in
[2] Посібник для членів Правління:
https://ua.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6085 (in Ukrainian)
[3] Affiliate Chairpersons meeting November 24 - 25, 2018:
[4] Affiliate Chairpersons meeting (Prague 2018):
(in Ukrainian)
[5] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_CEE_Meeting_2018/Schedule
[6] Wikimedia Ukraine has 4 programs, and we have decided that every Board
member (except for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) will be responsible for
one of them:

Best regards,
Illia Korniiko
Chair of the Board of Wikimedia Ukraine

Уявіть світ, у якому кожна людина на планеті має вільний доступ до усіх
знань людства. Це те, що ми й робимо! / Imagine a world in which every
single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human
knowledge. That's what we're doing!
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