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>  Hello!
> Wikimedia Ukraine had its General Assembly on February 16, 2019 and we have
> elected new Board and Audit Committee [1]. We have been working on changes
> in our organisation for quite a while now with the help of Wikimedia
> Foundation grantmaking staff:
> 1) for a while we have had our General Assembly (GA) at the end of the
> calendar and financial year, which was an issue for us, as we (according to
> the Bylaws) can have a 100% new Board elected by the membership, and that
> means, that we need to finish all our financial transactions before the GA
> in case a new Board Chair and Secretary are elected (they are the ones who
> have the access to the bank account), so last year we have decided to have
> a GA at the end of a year (December) and the next one in February, to
> switch to a cycle starting February-February, rather than
> December-December. This is now done.
> 2) we have finally started working on a Board handbook [2], documenting our
> processes as we go, trying to get it all in a system. This document is a
> direct outcome from the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting in Prague [3] [4],
> and we are very grateful that Tim Moritz and Frans Grijzenhout continue
> dedicating their time to sharing knowledge in the Movement.
> 3) we had our first Strategy session on February 15 (before the GA) and are
> planning to have a two-day strategy session in June.
> 4) we are planning to have our first ever training on teambuilding and
> onboarding for Board members, Audit Committee members and staff on March
> 24-25, 2019. Onboarding and capacity building are our priorities as of now.
> This complements community-wide trainings we've had this past year during
> our national Wikiconference and the CEE Meeting, which we hosted this year
> in Lviv [5].
> That said, the new Board consists of:
> * [[User:Ilya]], Illia Korniiko. I have been Chair since December 2015.
> Re-elected.
> * [[User:JTs]], Yulianna Tsaruk. She is First Deputy Chair and Secretary of
> the Board. Re-elected.
> * [[User:NickK]], Mykola Kozlenko. He is Deputy Chair and Treasurer since
> 2016. Re-elected.
> * [[User:Наталія Ластовець]], Nataliia Lastovets. She is responsible for
> our program "Content Enrichment" [6], which includes editing challenges and
> contests, photography contests and GLAM. She has joined our organisation in
> July 2018. She was also a member of the Audit Committee for two months. It
> is her first term serving on the Board.
> * [[User:IgorTurzh]], Igor Turzhanskyy. He is responsible for our program
> "Increasing Participation", which includes Wikipedia in Education. He is a
> long-term Wikipedian but he has joined our organisation only in November
> 2018. It is his first term serving on the Board.
> * [[User:Friend]], Pavlo Sokhan. He is responsible for our program
> "Community Support and Development", which includes community events,
> trainings for volunteers, scholarships and microgrants. Re-elected.
> * [[User:Олександр Гаврик]], Oleksandr Havryk. He is responsible for our
> program "Awareness for Wikimedia and Free Knowledge", which is concentrated
> on media publicity and promotion activities and free panorama advocacy. He
> has joined our organisation only in October 2018. It is his first term
> serving on the Board.
> I want to thank the three Board members who stepped down: Yuri Bulka /
> [[User:Юрій Булка]], Olha Nesterenko / [[User:Нестеренко Оля]] and Andrii
> Hrytsenko / [[User:Андрій Гриценко]]. Being a board member means taking
> upon oneself more boring responsibilities, so their work and dedication is
> much
> appreciated.
> Our new Audit Committee:
> * [[User:Venzz]], Viacheslav Mamon
> * [[User:Tohaomg]], Anton Obozhyn
> * [[User:Anntinomy]], Anna Khrobolova. She was our project manager for a
> few years, but she has decided to stay with us in her volunteer role.
> Anatolii Honcharov / [[User:Ahonc]] and Serhii Petrov / [[User:Kharkivian]]
> have stepped down from the Audit committee and we are grateful for their
> work while there.
> [1] Керівні органи: (in
> Ukrainian)
> [2] Посібник для членів Правління:
> (in Ukrainian)
> [3] Affiliate Chairpersons meeting November 24 - 25, 2018:
> [4] Affiliate Chairpersons meeting (Prague 2018):
> (in Ukrainian)
> [5]
> [6] Wikimedia Ukraine has 4 programs, and we have decided that every Board
> member (except for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) will be responsible for
> one of them:
> Best regards,
> Illia Korniiko
> Chair of the Board of Wikimedia Ukraine
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> single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human
> knowledge. That's what we're doing!
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