Hi everyone,

I am happy to share that earlier this year, the Wikimedia Foundation Board
of Trustees approved our newest Wikimedia chapter - Wikimedia Korea!

For more information about our newest Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia Korea,
please see the announcement on the Wikimedia Foundation website:

I want to congratulate the new chapter and recognize their commitment,
efforts, and time involved in moving through the chapter recognition
process over the past year. From their work building partnerships with
universities, to supporting and training new editors in South Korea, we
look forward to seeing the impactful work from our community members in
South Korea as they advance in their new affiliate role.

As many of you know, this is our first chapter approval in several years -
since the newest Wikimedia affiliate approval processes were put in place.
This marks a new moment in the history of our Wikimedia movement
affiliates. The Board appreciates the amazing work coming from these user
groups around the world, and is inspired to see how far some of these
groups have come in terms of their impact both on our movement and their
local communities. Indeed, we should all be proud of the impact our
affiliates continue to have on our projects, our vision, and the world
around us.

Any affiliate interested in becoming a chapter or thematic organization
must have at least two years of activities and experience as a user group
before applying. Please check out the user group creation guide to get a
user group started - it is meant to be very easy:

You can find a lot more information about our movement affiliates model on
Meta: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_movement_affiliates/Models

You may also reach out to the Affiliations Committee with questions or to
begin the approval process for your group:
Please join me in congratulating Wikimedia Korea for this important
achievement and thanking the members of the Affiliations Committee and
Wikimedia Foundation staff who supported and worked with them during this
long process.

Kind regards,



María Sefidari Huici

Chair of the Board

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