As usual, I am grateful for the volunteer contributors to the most recent
of The Signpost.

I was happy to see that Wikimedia Canada
<> and Library and Archives Canada
<> announced a

Thanks to Brooke Storm (WMF Cloud Services) and Bryan Davis (WMF Technical
Engagement), I found an amusing xkcd depiction <> of
successful task automation and unsuccessful task automation.

Here are some recent stories that were published by WMF:

* Four open design methods we used to improve Wikipedia’s iOS app

* With Wikipedia in the classroom, a former student has become the teacher

* Wikimedia Foundation announces tenth transparency report

* Wikimedia Foundation urges Chinese authorities to lift block of Wikipedia
in China

* MediaWiki is the software that underpins Wikipedia. This conference shows
all the other ways it can be used.

* Wikimedia Argentina and the National University of La Plata partner to
promote free knowledge

The Word of the Day for English Wiktionary on June 2nd was "rubicon". I was
familiar with a fictional ship named
<> and I guessed that the
name referred to a river, which it does
<>, but I did not know that more than
one river <> is
named Rubicon, and I did not know about many other uses for the name
<>. Thanks to
Wiktionary, I learned that the word "rubicon" (with a lowercase "r") has its
own meanings
<> and
an interesting
etymology <> that refers to the the
Italian river as a location of a notable event in history
<>, and possibly also
refers the red color of the river

What's making you happy this week? You are welcome to comment in any


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