Hello Wikipedians,

I have just added a new project proposal here:

I would appreciate any and all guidance, especially reflecting prior
efforts/attempts to document products and companies in a systematic way,
and whether my goals warrant a separate project from Wikipedia itself.

For convenience, I have copied the project goals below (and added

thanks and best regards,
Pino de Candia

== Project Description/Goals ==

Document verifiable (no original research) and neutral facts about
companies and products to help consumers make choices that reflect their
economic values.

The kind of information should be decided by the community and evolve over
time, but here is my initial thinking:
- For each product:
  - where is it produced
  - how many workers are there
  - where do they reside
  - and how well are they paid.
- For each company:
  - who owns it (other companies)
  - where is it registered
  - what certifications has it won (e.g. fair-trade, fair-labor,
B-certification, etc) by reputable organizations
  -  what standards does it follow and what kind of rating/grade has it
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