Dear all,

If you've seen my post yesterday then you might have expected this this
announcement as well; if you haven't -- as some of you may know, I will
soon be joining the Board of Trustees (August 15), and am therefore
required to resign my formal role as Chair of Wikimedia Medicine (a.k.a.
WikiProject Medicine Foundation). This means a new vacancy in the board has
to be filled and a new Chair must be appointed.

I'm happy to report that in an online board meeting earlier this month the
board chose *Doug Taylor* to serve as the new Chair for our newly approved
Thematic Organization. Doug has been part of WikiProject Medicine for years
now and has diligently served as the group's formal secretary. Doug not
only has the institutional memory of the organization, but has actively
taken part in a variety related activities in the UK and in collaboration
with other countries. Doug also brings management skills to the board,
experience from the board of Wikimedia UK, as well as a deep understanding
of the movement as a whole, which I have no doubt will allow the
organization to grow and expand its activities around the world.

As Doug transitions into his new position as Chair, *Dr. Stuart Ray* will
be supporting him as Vice Chair and continue to serve as co-treasurer, and
*Mossab* will continue to serve as Membership Admin. A new secretary will
be appointed soon, hopefully during the board's in-person meeting at
Wikimania. The board will also soon co-opt a new board member to fill out
the vacant spot, till the next election in 2022.

I'll remain involved in the organization as an 'adviser to the board' and
look forward to seeing this Thematic Organization grow, as well as to
continue contributing to medical-related topics as a volunteer and lecturer
at the Tel Aviv University.

Shani Evenstein.
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