On Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 5:25 AM Rammanoj Potla <rammanojpotla1...@gmail.com>

> I am happy to introduce you to the first version of WikiContrib
> <https://tools.wmflabs.org/wikicontrib/>. WikiContrib is a developer
> metrics tool which can be used to view a developer’s contributions on
> Phabricator and Gerrit. This tool was initially designed keeping a
> Wikimedia Hackathon scholarship committee in mind and with the hope that
> the tool will make it easier for them to decide on a candidate’s
> application. All community members can also use the tool to learn more
> about the contributions of fellow Wikimedians or discover their own!

Very cool tool!

IMO the usability could be improved a lot by removing the little red icon
from the first row when it is the only one (it seems like some sort of "the
fields are not filled out correctly" feedback when it is actually just a
"delete row" button which does not make sense with just one row), and
making the search button much more prominent compared to the other
controls. Also maybe making it possible to search by pressing enter in one
of the text fields.

It would be particularly awesome (but maybe hard?) to also count Gerrit
comments/reviews/merges as contributions.
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