Dear All,

I`m Toni Ristovski, Wikipedian from Macedonian Wikipedian and Board Member
of user group Shared Knowledge (Macedonia).

From 15th October 2019, Shared Knowledge started Astrophoto Contest, which
is unique photographic competition. This contest is realized along with
Skopje Astronomical Society and it is first event that we planned to
conduct with them.

As this contest is not geographical and sky is unique from every corner of
our Earth, we want this contest to be open for everyone from global

Details about this contest is following:

   - Duration: 15.10.-15.11.2019
   - Prizes: 500 EUR for first place, 300 EUR for second place, 200 EUR for
   third place, determined by jury
   - Application form: here
   - Category on Commons: here
   - Project page on Wikipedia: here
   on Macedonian, sorry)

I will try to translate into English project page as well, but if you need
anything else please let me know, and I will respond.

All the best,
Toni Ristovski
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