On Wed, 22 Jan 2020 at 02:37, Clover moss <clovermosswikipe...@gmail.com>

> This week, I learned about Wiki Loves Monuments
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Loves_Monuments>. The wording kind of
> sounded familiar at first, but I wasn't sure why. I didn't really know what
> Wiki Loves Monuments was and now I'm thankful that I do. A lot goes into a
> good photograph and really good photographs have a way of striking me with
> awe in a way that's hard to describe with words.
> There were 25 announcements for the top winners and the winner was
> announced on January 14th. I love the way the sunlight shines in through
> the windows - it seems surreal, and it's almost like I'm standing there
> myself. I don't know what the temperature would be like inside the church,
> but I felt slightly cold looking at it. I'd imagine there isn't any heating
> currently in the building because it's abandoned, although maybe I'm
> thinking too much about details like that?

This reminded me of a similar cathartic moment I've had when I've learned
about the Wiki Loves Earth
It makes me happy to share it with those who haven't seen it and to express
my appreciation to the photographers and organizers of the event.

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