BEIJING, Feb. 29 (Qiuwen) - The coronavirus outbreak originated from China's 
Wuhan in Hubei province only two months ago had already claimed thousands of 
lives with more infected, but none of them are Wikimedians - as far as we know.

As of February 28th, Qiuwen can independently confirm that all active 
Wikimedians living in the Greater China are not infected by the virus, 
including three of them who live in outbreak's epicenter Wuhan, and dozens more 
who live in other parts of the Hubei province as well as other heavily-infected 
cities in China. However, many of them were put under citywide lockdowns, and 
just like other local residents, are not allowed to move freely. Meanwhile, one 
editor in Hong Kong was put under a compulsory quarantine by local health 
authorities due to close contact with a confirmed patient. The editor was 
forbidden to go outside their home for a 14-day quarantine period. Detailed 
information of those editors themselves will not be disclosed for privacy 

Several meetups and edit-a-thons in China were either canceled or postponed due 
to the outbreak. Since many Wikipedia enthusiasts in China are college 
students, meetups are generally scheduled to cope with the beginnings and 
endings of academic semesters. However, those meetups were postponed as the 
2020 spring semester, which typically begins from late February to early March, 
was delayed by education authorities. Organizers reported canceling a meetup 
scheduled to be held in late January in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, 
while several others, including those in Beijing and Shenzhen targeting college 
students, were postponed until most schools reopen. 

Another contributing factor to the suspension of these meetups is governments 
have been discouraging people from traveling back from their hometowns to big 
metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai after the Chinese Lunar New Year 
holiday, which means attendee turnouts for meetups held in these cities may be 
lower than usual.

The community in Hong Kong seemed to have suspended their meetup for the 
outbreak as well. The Hong Kong community has had four meetups per year in the 
past two years, with the most recent one held in November 2019. However, the 
next meetup, which supposes to be held in late February according to their 
routine, was never announced by the community leaders in the first place.

Communities in Taiwan was not significantly affected by the outbreak, as the 
island does not have as many reported cases comparing to the mainland and Hong 
Kong. Nevertheless, the organizer for a Wikimedia photowalk did make a post on 
Facebook, saying a mandatory body temperature check will be implemented before 
the activity rolls out.

The coronavirus outbreak has been ameliorating in China during the past few 
days, with new confirmed cases dropped dramatically, especially outside the 
epicenter Hubei province. Local Wikimedians in Beijing are currently planning 
to have their meetups rescheduled for the next public holiday, which is the 
Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday in early April. But the exact planning is still yet 
to be decided.

The Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland canceled physical meetings 
of the Wikimedia Summit on Friday, which planned to take place in Berlin from 
April 3rd to 5th. The scholarship application for Wikimania this August in 
Bangkok, Thailand, remains open, and there are no signs indicating the bigger 
Wikimedians' gathering will be canceled so far.

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