Thank you for that,

I have checked some languages but it seems that this digital library have books of some languages completely taken from Project Gutenberg ( or from World Ebook Library ( and they have their own licenses.

It's not clear what is the library for whom the NDLI owns the copyrights and they can donate.

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On 14/03/2020 09:38, Bodhisattwa Mandal wrote:
Through this understanding, we will work together on:

    - integrating Wikisource and Wikidata contents on NDLI website.
    - building up technical infrastructure on NDLI website to crowdsource
    metadata curation on Wikidata and proofreading on Wikisource websites.
    - importing relevant contents and data from NDLI website to Wikidata and
    - identifying and pursuing collaboration opportunities around other
    Wikimedia projects, such as Wikibooks.

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