Congratulations for the new project.

Possibly you could start by moving the "coronavirus" pandemic articles at
wiki.en to the proper name of the disease, COVID-19.
No idea why the English Wikipedia insists naming this disease with the name
of a group of virus that causes a number of other different diseases,
instead of the WHO recognized name, providing misleading information and
opening fertile ground to all kind of fake news and disinformation selling
stuff for other coronavirus diseases as if it was COVID-19.
Even worst, it's contaminating other projects, like Wikidata and Wikimedia
Commons, with teams of wiki.en editors going there to revert anyone that
dares to move the disease to its proper name.

Please help fix this, providing accurate information, specially at a
situation like this, is at the core of Wikipedia mission.


Tito Dutta <> escreveu no dia domingo, 15/03/2020 à(s)

> Please read the noticeboard/talk page link as:
> It
> looks
> like I had another noticeboard open at that time. Apologies for the wrong
> link in the last post.
> Thanks
> Tito Dutta
> On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 at 01:15, Tito Dutta <> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > A few Wikipedians on English Wikipedia have decided to start a
> WikiProject
> > on COVID-19 on English Wikipedia to work more systematically and
> > collaboratively on the subject. The WikiProject is started by
> > [[User:Another Believer]] on 15 March, and very quickly got ~20
> > participants and several discussions started on the talk page.
> > Please have a look at WikiProject:
> >
> > Questions or comments or suggestions at:
> >
> >
> > Thanks
> > Tito Dutta
> > [[User:Titodutta]]
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