*Dear all,Here’s an update regarding the Celtic Knot Wikimedia Language
Conference <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Celtic_Knot_Conference_2020>,
planned on 9-10 July in Limerick, Ireland, organised by Wikimedia UK and
Wikimedia Community Ireland together with the Hunt Museum.We are taking the
current health crisis very seriously, and we cannot foresee how long it
will take before things get back to normal. However, we really want to
maintain an event that can bring together various people from the Wikimedia
community as well as cultural and education institutions to work on
minority languages on the Wikimedia projects.For these reasons, we decided
to transform this year’s edition of the Celtic Knot Conference into a fully
remote event. We will build a structure and a program that allows sharing
content online, as well as social interactions and knowledge exchange,
through various tools (videostream, chat, collaborative content
creation).This situation is unexpected, but we still hope that we can take
the best out of it, experiment on new formats, and we are convinced that
our participants will come up with creative ideas. The previously opened
call for papers will keep running for an extended time, until Thursday 30
April. Feel free to make some proposals and indicate what would be your
favourite format.We will keep you updated on this talk page
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Celtic_Knot_Conference_2020> to let
you know about the new format of the conference and how to participate. If
you have any ideas or suggestions, they are very welcome on this page
too.Thanks for your understanding agus slán go fóill!For the organization
team,Wikimedia UK (Daria Cybulska, Director of Programmes)Wikimedia
Community Ireland (Rebecca O’Neill, Project Coordinator)*
PhD in Digital Media
Project Coordinator Wikimedia Community Ireland <http://wikimedia.ie>
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