Juhar everyone,

Sorry for cross-posting, but we wanted to share some of the amazing
projects the Wikimedia-education community is doing to support teachers,
students and community members in this time of pandemic.

The May edition of the Education Newsletter has been published, you can
find it here:

In case, you have missed the April edition, you can find it here:

This month as a part of the education community highlight series, meet Jacek
Durski from Poland and learn about their work in the newsletter. Thanks to
Klara for the nomination. You can find other stories from Serbia, Armenia,
Turkey, the Philippines and Mexico.

Do you have a great story to share from your Wikimedia education projects
or community members? Submit an article here:

If you want to highlight someone from the education community for their
work, please follow this:

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*Sailesh Patnaik*
Program Coordinator, Education
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