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> Dear WMF Board members,
> The Ombuds Commission acts on your behalf as part of the movements
> governance processes and it is, therefore, the WMF board that
> authorizes Ombuds policies. The Wikimedia project systems and policies
> for the commission were established many years ago with rare
> amendments since, and are not harmonized on the use of the word
> "ombuds". For example, though the email contact group uses "ombuds",
> the detailed policy page on Meta uses "ombudsman" and refers to
> members of the group as "ombudsmen". As a gender-neutral form is in
> common International English and American English usage and is already
> used in some places and not others, can the WMF board agree that the
> gender-neutral term is desirable in line with the goals of the
> Wikimedia Foundation strategy and should be applied systematically?
> With your agreement, this would then harmonize in the names of email
> groups, the group name configured into the system on Meta and the
> wording of policies, and help avoid an accidental bias towards
> identifying ombuds members as men. As this is a question of
> harmonization, rather than a change in process, policy or scope, this
> is a style issue rather than a change that required a resolution or a
> community RfC.
> For those unaware, the Ombuds Commission "investigates complaints
> about infringements of the Privacy Policy, the Access to nonpublic
> personal data policy, the CheckUser policy and the oversight policy on
> any Wikimedia project for the Board of Trustees. They also investigate
> for the Board the compliance of local CheckUser or Oversight policies
> or guidelines with the global CheckUser and Oversight policies."[1]
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> Thanks,
> Fae
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