Hi Gnangarra

I find your request for Nat to resign uncalled for…. and not in the least 
because of the common misconception you have with regards to the role of Board 
members of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Quoting from the excellent Wikimedia Board Handbook(1)

"WMF is an entrusted steward within the Wikimedia movement. The Board's role 
(and legal obligation) is to oversee the management of the organization and 
ensure that it fulfills its mission and responsibilities as a steward. To help 
accomplish this, the Board maintains a strong connection to the Wikimedia 
communities. For example, WMF's bylaws require that a majority of Board seats 
(not including the Founder's seat and non-member officer positions) be filled 
by candidates selected by the communities and chapters, and appointed by the 
incumbent Board members - an unusual requirement for a nonprofit board. Board 
members are often active community members as well. That said, Board members 
have a fiduciary duty to represent the overall WMF interests during their 
service on the Board – not just the interests of chapters or certain parts of 
the communities. “

So while the community certainly gets to elect board members, these board 
members have obligations once they are appointed to the board. And yes: that 
also means getting community input, but all board members should be concerned 
with that, not just those elected by the community.


> On 22 Jun 2020, at 08:52, Gnangarra <gnanga...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The choice is yours to resign because the The Board isnt considering the
> community as a key part of what we have created, or because you
> arent representing the community's voice on the Board.

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