Dear all,

Tomorrow is my last day working at Wikimedia Indonesia. Goodbye is a thing
that we should celebrate. I am very grateful to have a wonderful chance to
collaborate with my local community, local organisation, and international
community also various chapters and affiliates. I will continue my
volunteering activity while enjoying my next journey as a master student in
Digital Humanities in Uppsala University, Sweden.

In the last 3 months, I have been doing collaboration work with Rachmat
Wahidi, our new Chair of the Board of Executive with his new teams. I am
sure WMID will achieve more in the future under his leadership with a more
diverse team, lots of local communities, strong grass root movement and
continuous support from the local community members, and our presence in
the ESEAP community makes us one of the biggest communities in the region.

You can always contact me via my personal email (

>From one of the sunniest cities in the Southern Hemisphere, Jakarta.

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