Hello everyone,

We are delighted to share the fantastic news of our interns'
accomplishments during GSoC 2023 and Outreachy Round 26, under the guidance
of their mentors. Please join us in congratulating these remarkable
individuals for their unwavering commitment and hard work:

*GSoC’ Interns*:

1. Ahmed Amine Hassou (Morocco)
Project: Wiki Education Dashboard - Refactoring and upgrading React
Mentors: Sage Ross, Will Kent

2. Chenhao Liu (United States of America)
Project: Wiki Farm Support for Canasta
Mentors: Yaron Koren, Jeffrey Wang

3. Nikhil Mahajan (India)
Project: End-to-end test coverage for Abstract Wikipedia's Wikifunctions
Mentors: Stef Dunlap, James Forrester, Cory Massaro, Denny Vrandečić

4. Zexi Gong (China)
Project: Wikidocumentaries to import images from the web to Structured Data
on Commons
Mentors: TuukkaH, Susannaanas

5. Shashwat Khanna (India)
Project: Improve Programs & Events Dashboard UX for Article Scoped Programs
Mentor: Sage Ross

6. Saurabh Jamadagni (India)
Project: Adding a menu to Scribe-iOS application and expanding keyboard
Mentor: Andrew McAllister

7. Ritika Pahwa (India)
Project: Commons Android app - Make upload more reliable
Mentors: Nicolas Raoul, Kaartic Sivaraam

8. Punith Nayak (India)
Project: Improve the functionality of VideoCutTool - New features
Mentors: Gopa Vasanth, Sohom Datta

9. Varun Shrivastava (India)
Project: Improve the functionality of VideoCutTool - Code Quality/Code
Mentors: Gopa Vasanth, Sohom Datta

Additionally, we have the following *Outreachy interns*:

1. Abhishek Bhardwaj (India)
Project: Research imbalances in translation between languages on Wikipedia
Mentors: Adam Wight, Simulo, Kavitha A

2. Nathaly Toledo (Venezuela)
Project: Research imbalances in translation between languages on Wikipedia
Mentors: Adam Wight, Simulo, Kavitha A

3. Sulagna Saha (Bangladesh)
Project: Write a Ruby gem for analyzing Wikidata edits
Mentors: Sage Ross, Will Kent

These diligent interns have made significant contributions to our
community, and we encourage you to explore their reports and blogs to learn
more about their exceptional work. You can find additional information
about these projects on the following pages:

   - https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code/2023
   - https://m.mediawiki.org/wiki/Outreachy/Round_26

Furthermore, we are thrilled to inform you that Srishti Sethi and I (Gopa)
recently attended the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit held at Google
Headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. We represented the outstanding work
of our nine GSoC 2023 interns on Wikimedia projects and had the privilege
of learning from peers in various open-source software fields, including
arts, education, music, robotics, and more. This event, conducted in an
unconference, participant-driven style, provided a platform for attendees
to discuss the challenges of running open-source projects and share
valuable tips and advice for mentoring interns. It's worth noting that
Wikimedia has been an active participant in Google Summer of Code since

Once again, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our interns,
mentors, and everyone who supported them throughout this journey. We
eagerly anticipate their continued contributions to Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia Organization Administrators (Srishti Sethi, Soham Datta, Sheila
and Gopa)


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