Hi wikimedians,

I think there are quite a lot of ways to be informed on what happens on the
Wikimedia movement and on the projects. What I can think of :

* various mailing lists, like this one,
* the Diff blog,
* On wiki messages, which includes :
** on wiki publications like The Signpost, or the Wikidata Weekly News, or
… (which in turns can be seen on maling lists, and/or personal messages
with on-wiki subscription list, reading it on project chat …
** Message relayed by bots on project chats

This works, but … it’s easy to miss some informations or to get duplicated
informations. There is also a various of situations regarding the
translation, or not, of the messages. Over times all those ways tends to
pile-up and it gets not so easy to track, so it’s not easy to know if there
is something you are interested in but you don’t know it exists, It’s not
easy to discover. And the wiki world is getting larger.

Maybe it’s time to think of a system where you could track all your
subscription on wiki, with an index of the various available publications ?
And with metadata for publications, so you can select topics you’re
interested in and list or notify the different publications ?
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