Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates on Learning and Evaluation:

== Beyond Wikimetrics - Virtual-meet up: July 16 ==

This online meeting [1] is the first in a series of three sessions that
will be hosted by Jonathan Morgan, Learning Strategist of our Learning &
Evaluation team. ‘Beyond Wikimetrics’ is a series that will present a
step-by-step guide to using databases and APIs for evaluation and research.
The workshop will teach you how to use MySQL to make your own queries, and
will also go over some tools on Wikimedia Labs. If you have questions about
how are people editing wiki projects, post them on the event page!

== New Wikimetrics demo available: Metrics for Education Programs ==

Tighe Flanagan, Wikipedia Education Program Manager, hosts this
demonstration video on using Wikimetrics.. This 20 minutes video [2] walks
you through a running a report on an uploaded cohort, spreadsheet
formatting, and basic analysis in the context of an education program

== Evaluation Pulse ==

After a year of program evaluation workshops, activities and resources
developed, we kindly invite you to take part in our Evaluation Pulse survey
to briefly feedback on evaluation strategies, resources, and supports. We
will be launching the survey at the end of next week. Be sure to watch your
inbox for your invitation to participate.

== Virtual Meet-Ups Agenda: Send your Suggestions! ==

In the coming months we have slated some interesting virtual meet-ups on
topics from tools and strategies for accessing data about online content
and participation to setting targets, goals, and reporting. The aim of
these meet-ups is to promote and share evaluation strategies and resources
with our broad community of program leaders and evaluators. If you have
suggestions for future topics or if you wish to present your evaluation
work at an upcoming meet-up, please reach out to us! You can post your
comments on our portal discussion page [3] or email us at

As always, stay up-to-date by watching the news page [4] and connecting on
our portal [5].

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your
time and attention.

*María Cruz * \\  Community Coordinator, PE&D Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation,
Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>


[1] Beyond Wikimetrics: How to Use Databases and APIs for Research

[2] Wikimetrics for Education Programs

[3] Section to suggest a hangout topic:

[4] Program Evaluation & Design News:

[5] Program Evaluation & Design Connect:
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