Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates on Learning and Evaluation:

== Next virtual meet up ==

Jonathan Morgan, Learning Strategist of the Learning & Evaluation team,
will begin hosting a series of virtual meet-ups that will go over tools for
analyzing on-wiki data, beyond Wikimetrics. The first session will be held
on July 16th, at 3 PM UTC. Sign-up in the event on our Google + page![1] A
detailed look at each tool will take place in different webinars July
through September. Watch our portal news page for updates and details.[2]

== New blogpost on survey resources ==

The Program Evaluation & Design team members are working on building
different resources to build better surveys. The first step in this track
was the launch of the learning module ‘Designing Effective Questions’ [3],
that provides theories behind how survey work, and is filled with examples.
Check out other resources in the blogpost, read and share![4]

== June virtual meet-ups(s) available online ==

It has been a couple busy weeks on air for the Learning and Evaluation
team! If you missed one or both our hangouts, don’t panic: you can watch
them online:

1. Survey Strategies

Daria Cybulska (Wikimedia UK) and James Hare (Wikimedia DC) shared their
experiences using surveys to evaluate programs and activities. Watch the
video of the meeting online [5], check out the resource overview [6] and
Daria’s presentation and links [7].

2. Annual Plan Grants: Results of Year 1

Jessie Wild Sneller overviews a first round of impact reports of the Annual
Plan Grants program. Nearly 11 million USD went toward programmatic work.
What do we know about how far those efforts reached? Read the presentation
[8] and find out more on the video! [9]

== Community Dialogue: Comment before July 15th ==

About a month ago, we opened a request for comment on the current
evaluation capacity building initiative, program evaluation metrics, and
how to evaluate grantmaking. The planned closing date for that dialogue is
July 15th. If you have not commented yet, don’t forget to do so at:

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,

*María Cruz * \\  Community Coordinator, PE&D Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation,
Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>


[1] “Beyond Wikimetrics” virtual meetup sign up:

[2] Evaluation Portal news and events page

[3] Learning module: Designing effective questions

[4] Blogpost: Asking the right questions.

[5] Live meet-up: Survey strategies (video)

[6] Surveys overview presentation

[7] Daria Cybulska’s presentation on survey strategies, with useful links
to surveys and resources:

[8] Annual Plan Grants: Results of Year 1 (presentation)

[9] Annual Plan Grants: Results of Year 1 (video)
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