Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates from Learning and Evaluation:

== New blog! Quantitative vs Qualitative: More friends than enemies [1] ==

The post, that can be found on the Wikimedia blog [1], gives a general
overview on this two methods for gathering information and doing
evaluation. In the context of the II Round of Data collection around
Wikimedia programs, and as we put into effect Global Metrics, this resource
will come in especially handy for program leaders.

The new page on the Evaluation portal [2] has more information on the
original divide between the two, the theoretical origin they stem from and
how they can be combined in a mixed-method world to tell better stories
about programs.

== New Resource! Measures for Evaluation [3] ==

Because global metrics is a short list of measures for measuring program
goals, the new tool Measures for Evaluation [3], provides several maps for
planning out your evaluation journey! The tool is organized through three
strategic priorities: (1) Increase Participation, (2) Add Quality Content,
and (3) Expand Reach and Readership. Most importantly, use the talk page to
suggest measures and tools where you might not see any!

== New blog! Global Metrics for Grants [4] ==

Last week we published a blogpost about Global Metrics, that explains the
origin of this new set of metrics and we hope to learn from them as a
movement. Most importantly, it describes how they are linked to the impact
analysis the Learning and Evaluation team has shared in the past months,
and how to tell a more complete story that goes beyond the numbers. If you
haven’t seen them yet, please find the Learning Patterns that go over each
metric on the Evaluation Portal [5]. Please reach out to us if you have any

== Second Round of Data collection has launched. Join us! [6]==

Last Tuesday we sent around an invite to program leaders to take part in
the second round of data collection and analysis of Wikimedia programs.
This week, the invite was extended to the movement via the general
Wikimedia list. With your help, we hope to gather the data we need to build
a better understanding of Wikimedia programs and projects. Please note you
can submit your own reports in any language.

As always, stay up-to-date by connecting on our portal [7].

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your
time and attention.

*María Cruz * \\  Community Coordinator, PE&D Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation,
Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>

[1] Quantitative vs Qualitative - Blog:

[2] Quantitative vs Qualitative - Page:

[3] Measures for Evaluation:

[4] Global Metrics for Grants: one way of doing, reporting and learning
better (blog):

[5] Learning Patterns for Global Metrics on the Evaluation Portal:

[6] Round II of Data Reporting doc:

[7] Upcoming Events Section in PE&D portal:
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