Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates from Learning and Evaluation:

== New Office Hours to Assist you with Voluntary Reporting [1] ==

The team will host office hours with program leaders to give support on
reporting and Wikimetrics. If you are struggling to get at the data you
need for reporting, join us on Monday and we’ll help you out via IRC chat

* Monday, October 6 from 15:00 -17:00 UTC (8 - 9 am PDT)
* Tuesday October 7 from 0:00-2:00 UTC (Monday October 6, 5 - 7 pm PDT)

We will also be hosting more times in the next month! Help us find the best
times for everyone by filling out this meeting time poll those times that
work best for you [2]!

== New Editor Engagement Vital Signs (EEVS) dashboards [3] ==

Analytics has been working hard to expand metrics and Wikimetrics ability
to measure project-level cohorts to populate the new EEVS dashboards for
project level metrics. Metrics included in the dashboard include:


   Namespace Edits

   Newly Registered

   Pages Created

   Rolling Active Editor

   Rolling New Active Editor

   Rolling Surviving New Active Editor

Learn more about the project with the Metrics meeting overview presented
yesterday [4] or the metrics definitions [5]. You can also visit the
dashboards to check them out directly!

== Changes in Wikimetrics ==

Wikimetrics [6] was updated yesterday with changes to the metrics "Edits"
and "Pages Created."

These metrics now have a new option to include counts on deleted or
archived pages. “Include Deleted” is the default option - it will be
already checked off in the “Pick Metrics” section. To find the number of
“bytes added” or “edits” from existing pages only, uncheck the box.


- The new EEVS dashboards for project level metrics include the counts of
“edits” and “pages created” from deleted and archived pages. If you want to
make a comparison between your cohort and your project level metrics, you
will want to be sure you are using the same measurement parameters.

- In some cases, the results of “edits” and “pages created” may be a lot
higher when counts are included from deleted pages.

- Recurring reports that started beforehand and are still running daily
will now count deleted / archived pages. These will show a jump on October

Bonus: On both these metrics, you now have the ability to count across all
namespaces. This is now the default setting. Just leave the namespaces
field blank on these two metrics to count edits made to all namespaces in
the selected project(s).

== Changes to definition of Active Editor ==

Some may have already seen that the metrics standardization work for the
new EEVS metrics led to metrics research and decision-making that ended up
in a change to the definition of an “Active Editor.”  Where before the
definition included only edits to the main article namespace, the new
definition of “Active Editor” is any user which makes five (5) or more
edits to any project namespace in a 30 day period.  This new definition is
used within the new “Rolling Active Editor,” “Rolling New Active Editor,”
and “Rolling “Surviving New Active Editor.”

Please direct any questions to the Wikimetrics mailing list [7].

As always, stay up-to-date by connecting on our portal [8].

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your
time and attention.

*María Cruz * \\  Community Coordinator, PE&D Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation,
Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>

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[4] EEVS Introduction

[5] Metrics Definitions

[6] Wikimetrics:

[7] Wikimetrics mailing list

[8] Upcoming Even
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