Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

TL;DR: New Storytelling Learning Series; We need your DATA and are standing
by to support you!

Important updates from Learning and Evaluation:

== New Learning Series! Telling Your Program Stories [1] ==

Starting next week, the new learning series will focus on the use of
reporting for storytelling. If you strive to showcase your efforts to
promote Wikimedia programs and projects, you can gain new skills and find
resources that will help you develop this skill. We will include case
studies from community members, and eventually develop a new resource on
the Evaluation portal for future reference and continuous dialogue around
this topic. Sign up for the first session, next Wednesday [2]!

== Round II of Voluntary Program Reporting: Deadline approaching for
editing workshops and editathons! ==

If you coordinated editathons or editing workshops from September 1, 2013,
to September 30, 2014, you can submit your data to the II Round of Data
Collection. Deadline to fill out the survey is October 20. You can review
the reporting items before you start the survey [5]. Once you are ready,
find the collector here:

== Office Hours for Voluntary Program Reporting==

Those who are struggling with program reporting or have questions for Round
II of Data Collection [3], can join us on the coming Office Hours next
week. They will take place via IRC on ‪#‎wikimedia‬-ped channel [4]:

* Oct 13, from 1500 - 1700 UTC (8 to 10 am PDT)

* Oct 16, from 00 - 0200 UTC (October 15, 5 to 7pm PDT)

* Oct 16, from 1400 - 1600 UTC (7 to 9am PDT)

As always, stay up-to-date by connecting on our portal [6].

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your
time and attention!

Keep calm and grow the awesome!

*María Cruz * \\  Community Coordinator, PE&D Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation,
Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>

[1] Learning Series “Telling your program story”:

[2] Session 1: Storytelling strategies for improved reporting:

[3] Data Collection Round II:

[4] IRC channel #wikimedia-ped:

[5] Preview the reporting items for Round II:

[6] Upcoming Events Section in PE&D portal:
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