== New Team Member: Subhashish Panigrahi [1] ==

We are happy to announce a new team member: Subashish Panigrahi! Subhashish
joins us as a part time communications contractor. He will be supporting
communication workflows, with a special focus on outreach for conferences.
Subhashish has been a wikipedian since 2011, and has worked for the
Wikimedia movement in India since 2012. His most recent work has been on
the Access to Knowledge program, for Center for Internet and Society (CIS),
in India, where he continues to work part time. We are excited to have him
onboard! Please join us in welcoming him either to his email, or via a
message on his talk page [1].

== Update: Program Capacity and Learning team Roadmap [2]  ==

The Program Capacity and Learning team would like to thank everyone who
engaged in conversation on our team roadmap, proposed projects and criteria
to prioritize our work. We have gathered the feedback from the talk page
and synthesize it in tables. The full content is still there for anyone to
review. We will now proceed to include this on annual planning.

As always, stay up to date with upcoming news and events by following our
events page [3]!

*MarĂ­a Cruz * \\  Communications and Outreach Coordinator, PC&L Team
\\ Wikimedia
Foundation, Inc.
mc...@wikimedia.org  |  :  @marianarra_ <https://twitter.com/marianarra_>

[1] New Team member: Subhashish Panigrahi

* User page: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:SPanigrahi_(WMF)

* Email: spanigr...@wikimedia.org

[2] Program Capacity and Learning team roadmap:


[3] Upcoming Events Section in Evaluation Portal:

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