Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

== WMCON 2016: New pre-conference workshops! [1] ==

For the third year in a row, during the days before Wikimedia Conference,
we will host pre-conference Learning Days, in partnerships with nearly 50
affiliates from all over the world. Workshop sessions will be scheduled on
both Wednesday, April 20 and Thursday, April 21, on four priority topics
selected via the registration surveys for this year’s pre-conference are;
a) Engaging and Retaining Volunteer, b) Best Practice Exchanges with other
Leaders, c) Designing Wikimedia Programs and Events, and d) Measuring and
Evaluating Impact. A draft agenda has been put up and we would request all
the participants to keep an eye on the same for any updates. As in previous
years, Learning Day participants were invited to take part based on
expression of interest on their Wikimedia Conference application. Unlike
other years, this time the team had to select one participant per
organization due to room limitations. Following our common practice, we
will document all sessions and share back on our portal on Meta, so all
program leaders who are interested in Learning Day should add the event
page on Meta [1].

== New blogs: Education Collaborative and Hashtags on Wikipedia [2] ==

Wikimedia Education Collab members met in Stockholm this March to
brainstorm about the improvements they had implemented since last summer
and set the goals for the upcoming eighteen months. In this blog, you can
read more about the goals the Collab members reimagined to take the Collab
to the next level and their future plans. [2. a]

Hashtags have come to Wikipedia edits with this new search tool. Now,
including a hashtag in the Wikipedia edit summary will help that edit
appear on the search page alongside other similar edits. Read about The
Wikipedia Library’s #1lib1ref month-long campaign, during January this
year. On the blog, we review this large-scale campaign, and how the use of
the hashtag #1lib1ref affects Wikipedia outreach efforts around the world. [2.

== Review WMF Annual Plan proposal on this FDC round [3] ==

The community review period for this round of the Annual Plan Grants
program (APG) is underway. Five movement affiliates; Wikimedia Armenia,
Wikimédia France, Wikimedia Norge, The Centre for Internet and Society and
Wikimedia Foundation have submitted annual plans and budgets. Community
members are welcome to join the review and provide feedback on their
submitted plans, ask questions, and offer comments by April 30. Your review
will be really valuable when the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) meets
in May to make recommendations to WMF's Board of Trustees on how to
allocate movement funds to these affiliates in order to achieve the most
impact. Additionally, please find our newly integrated team, Program
Capacity and Learning’s, annual plan on our space on Meta. [3]

== New resource: Standard Education survey template [4] ==

Towards the end of February, we reached out to the Education Program
community to gather education surveys and standardize a typical survey that
any program leader can use. After reviewing eight education program
surveys, we drew out important data for students and educators involved in
the education programs. We are now happy to present a new resource: 3
survey templates for Educators, Educator trainings, and Students.  These
surveys will help you capture data about: activity/output, learning
outcome, behavior outcome, program design, non-program personal questions,
and non-program questions on the person’s environment. If you have follow
up questions or need support implementing these surveys, please contact
Edward Galvez via email or on his Talk Page [4].

As always, stay up to date with upcoming news and events by following our
events page [5]!

*María Cruz * \\  Communications and Outreach Coordinator, PC&L Team
\\ Wikimedia
Foundation, Inc.  |  Twitter:  @marianarra_

[1] WMCON 2016: New pre-conference workshops!

[2] New blogs focused on Wikimedia Programs:

a) Where do we go from here: the Wikimedia Education Collaborative:

b) Growing hashtags: Expanding outreach on Wikipedia:

[3] Review WMF Annual Plan proposal on this FDC round

* WMF org-wide Annual Plan:

* PC&L team annual plan:

[4] Education survey
* New survey templates:

* Contact Edward Galvez, Survey specialist:

[5] Upcoming Events Section in Evaluation Portal:
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