So it's a comparison of two search systems, neither of which we use?

On 25 August 2015 at 10:54, Tilman Bayer <> wrote:
> FYI just in case it's of interest and hasn't shown up on the team's radar yet:
> -
> paywalled, unfortunately.
> Quote from the abstract:
> "This paper discusses expressivity and accuracy of the By-Example
> Structured (BESt) Query paradigm implemented on the SWiPE system
> through the Wikipedia interface. We define an experimental setting
> based on the natural language questions made available by the QALD-4
> challenge, in which we compare SWiPE against Xser, a state-of-the-art
> Question Answering system, and plain keyword search provided by the
> Wikipedia Search Engine. The experiments show that SWiPE outperforms
> the results provided by Wikipedia, and it also performs sensibly
> better than Xser, obtaining an overall 85% of totally correct answers
> vs. 68% of Xser."
> (For context, there's an earlier paper where they describe an earlier
> version of that SWiPE - "Search Wikipedia by example" -  project:
> )
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